Why Vote To Re-Elect Councilman Dan Kaufman To The Highland Park City Council?

Experienced, trusted leader with a proven track record of civic, community and professional leadership

Councilman Daniel Kaufman

  • Dan has a sustained track record of working collaboratively with the City Council and the community.
  • Participated in 6 Highland Park budgeting cycles with a transparent process and balanced budgets aligned with key priorities.
  • Possesses professional experience with employment law — an important quality because personnel is the City’s largest budget item.
  • Values community input and consistently responds to constituents.

Dan will continue to focus on 4 key priorities:

  1. Fiscal stability- maintaining balanced budgets while maximizing the City’s resources and responding to our community’s needs
  2. Public Safety- ensuring a safe community for the well being of all residents
  3. Infrastructure investment- improving roads, sidewalks and other key infrastructure
  4. Community Vibrancy- promoting economic development including attracting new businesses, and improving human services.